Health & Medspa in Chandler, AZ


VIA Health & Medspa does not accept insurance. Unfortunately, insurance puts boundaries on what can be performed and what is covered, oftentimes causing confusion, extra work, and incorrect billing. Dr. Fayad works diligently to ensure your care plan is the best for you and does so best without the confines of insurance.

Because of time restraints and reimbursement issues, many practitioners are leaving insurance models to better serve their patients.

This was a big issue Dr. Fayad saw in his previous practice. Patients were not saving much money going through insurance, and they were receiving inadequate options for care. Both parties benefit greatly with a non-insurance model.

Yes, as a patient of this office, you will always be seen by Dr. Fayad.
Yes. Here at VIA Health & Medpsa, we will always do our best to see you the same or next business day. We also offer telemedicine appointments for your added convenience.
After lab testing, procedures, and other health recommendations, your experience at VIA will be comparable to a conventional medical office. We do many of the testing and procedures in office, cutting out middle men that add expense. Part of Dr. Fayad’s commitment to you as your practitioner is to avoid costly and unnecessary recommendations and treatments. He is able to spend the needed additional time with each and every patient to make sure he can listen to your full story and provide the most optimal care needed.
Dr. Fayad has done extensive training and research that allows him to approach your health with a robust and well rounded approach. He has completed training across the globe allowing him to stay as current as possible on all of the latest research and clinical updates. His rotations have included some of the most prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Yale University, and the Cleveland Clinic.
Medicine is constantly changing. Dr. Fayad invests infinite time and energy into staying current with the best practices that will serve his patients in the most optimal way. At VIA, you can rest assured knowing you are getting Dr. Fayad’s undivided attention and care.
Dr. Fayad’s experience and background allows him to address your concerns with a broader and more comprehensive range of care. Dr. Fayad believes every individual is unique in their needs and background, and he will take the time needed to make sure you are being treated as an individual. Dr. Fayad can work directly with your other providers to ensure the best care plan possible.

A membership at VIA allows you effortless and simple access to our clinic at any time without the hassle of payments and scheduling. Members of our program receive exclusive benefits such as direct and quick access to Dr. Fayad, discounts on procedures, and more. 

A membership allows you to not only optimize your health, but opens the door for a longer and more sustainable route to wellness.