Liposuction Chandler, AZ

Vaser Liposuction & Skin Tightening

Areas Targeted

At VIA, We Use Vaser Lipo, and You can Add Skin Tightening

What is VaserLipo?

This minimally invasive liposuction technique uses ultrasound technology to breakdown and melt fat to precisely sculpt the body.

Renuvion for Skin Tightening

This advanced FDA-approved performed with lipo combines radiofrequency energy with helium plasma to tighten the skin.

Why is VaserLipo Better Than Other Liposuction Techniques?

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Anesthesia Options

Stay Awake

Opt for Pronox and local anesthesia to remain conscious and comfortable during your liposuction.

Choose Sleep

We provide anesthesia services administered by our board-certified anesthesiologist for a peaceful, unconscious experience.

Who is a Candidate for VaserLipo?

Are You Ready to Feel Confident and Empowered?

Dr. Wissam Fayad

Dr. Fayad is dedicated to fostering confidence, beauty, and empowerment in everyone. He values a personalized approach, passionately transforming lives and celebrating each person’s inner and outer beauty. His work enhances individual strengths and uniqueness.
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Patient Reviews

Highly Recommended!
Hands down, best medial office in Arizona! Dr Wissam Fayad and his staff are professional, caring and extremely knowledgable. Dr Wissam took the time to discuss treatment with me and made sure all my questions were answered before . I could tell he truly cares about his patients health and well being, whereas many other doctors sadly don’t nowadays. The office is beautifully set up and makes you feel welcome the moment you enter. It is also equipped with advanced medial devices and technology. I was truly impressed from start of my visit to the end! I will be coming back and will be referring my friends and family! Thank you Via Health and Med Spa!
Highly Recommended!
Dr. Wissam was very thorough and meticulous during my visit with him. He’s a wonderful doctor and cares so much about his patients. I felt really comfortable and welcomed in his office. I strongly recommend him for everyone! I look forward to my next visit with him.
Highly Recommended!
Dr. Fayad proved to be a very thorough doctor and really meticulous about the tiny details when taking the history. He listened to my concerns very carefully and more importantly addressed every concern I had. Also, he took his time to explain the advantages and possible side effects of each treatment modality available that could fit my situation. Briefly speaking, he did not treat me as a number. His staff showed high level of experience and professionalism in addition to respect to their patients. Definitely recommended.
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