Concierge Doctor in Chandler, AZ

Here at VIA Healthcare & Medspa, we put your results and your goals first. Every interaction with our medical team is tailored to your unique needs and wishes. Here at VIA, you are not just a number. You are a valued patient who will engage in a collaborative relationship with our healthcare team to get the results that will make you feel whole, empowered, and beautiful again.

Concierge Doctor Program

Dr. Fayad believes strongly that every single patient is beautiful inside and out. Our goal at VIA Health & Medpsa is to optimize and improve the already beautiful parts of you to make you feel confident; to make you feel your best.

Whether you’re looking for aesthetic treatments or health from the inside out, Dr. Fayad and his team are here to help you achieve those goals.

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As healthcare shifts and evolves, we are always working diligently to keep up with clinical care and offerings that will best serve you. VIA Health & MedSpa now offers Concierge Doctor Services in Chandler, AZ, designed to take the mindwork out of your health and wellness.

VIA Concierge Doctor Offerings

Executive Membership

Executive membership benefits from a comprehensive, preventive health evaluation using a thorough set of evidence-based assessments to develop a complete understanding of your health status. Each executive health physical starts with an in-depth meeting with Dr. Fayad to understand your overall health and identify any concerns.

Our testing protocol is customized for your stage in life and any risk factors that have been identified. By scheduling a range of assessments during your visit, we develop an extensive and wide-ranging understanding of your health profile.

Executive Health Program visits conclude with a detailed meeting with Dr. Fayad to review your results and develop a plan to improve your health, address any issues that were identified and target any risk factors that may impact your health.

Members of the Executive Level Membership can have direct access to Dr. Fayad, and typically will be seen the same day or within 24 hours by telemedicine or in the office.

Executive Memberships receive an initial visit of 90 minutes and a follow-up appointment of 60 minutes. Two appointments per month are included in the membership.

You also receive 25% off all services offered in the office.