“In the over 15 years that Doctor Fayad has been our physician we have found his thoughtful care has served us extremely well. During this period his in depth medical knowledge has repeatedly resolved our health challengers.

Of note, in response to his concern, he referred me to a specialist for a procedure. The specialist finding that I had no symptoms, questioned the necessity to proceed but after Doctor Fayad persisted went forward and a virulent form of cancer was found. The term virulent is used because at the time the survival rate for that form of cancer at five years was 16%. Therefore due to it’s early detection no spread had occurred and no additional treatment beyond surgery was necessary.

To close in addition to these many years of compassionate care that we are so thankful for I strive to find the words to convey my feelings for someone who has both, saved my life and given me to date over 12 additional years of life.”

~Daniel D.

“From the moment he steps in the room to begin your visit, Dr. Fayad makes you feel completely at ease, giving you his undivided attention. He is personable, thorough, and dedicated to providing quality care.

I first met Dr. Fayad when I accompanied my mother to an appointment at his office. I was immediately touched by how he connected with her and made her feel important. She looked forward to visits with him, even as her health began to decline.

I chose Dr. Fayad as my own primary physician soon after I met him. When I experienced a significant health issue, he listened to me and was able to quickly diagnose the problem and refer me to a specialist. I trust that Dr. Fayad has my best interests at heart and would recommend him for anyone seeking a caring, knowledgeable, and skilled physician.”

~Kelly B.

Note: Some names and photos of our clients have been changed to protect their privacy