Non-Surgical Hair Restoration with PRP
Chandler, AZ

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration with PRP

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration with PRP offers the most effective and proactive non-surgical technique for hair restoration through Platelet-Rich Plasma, also known as PRP. PRP is made from the platelets in a patient’s own blood and, when reinjected into the scalp, can stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth.

PRP is a substance created using your own blood and can be used in the treatment of male and female pattern baldness. PRP provides natural looking results without having to go through any sort of surgery.

Why does PRP work?
PRP contains higher concentrations of platelets and their growth factors than what is circulating in your body. It is these growth factors, released by the platelets after injection, that nourish existing hair follicles and may activate “dormant” or “miniaturized” hair follicles to grow.

PRP for hair loss is a cost-effective and simple non-surgical treatment that can provide substantial improvement in hair growth and thickness along.

Microneedling for Hair Growth

Microneedling leads to acute inflammation and down-regulates calcification inducers—such as transforming growth factors—and upregulates calcification inhibitors, which promote scarless healing. This creates an ideal balance of calcification regulators. As seen by regrowth of hair and improvement in skin scars, if we acutely injure areas with calcification and fibrosis, the healing process erases most of the calcification and fibrosis.

Acute wounding promotes angiogenesis—the formation of new blood vessels—which provides oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. By re-establishing oxygen and increasing blood flow, we increase hair regrowth and thickening. Mechanical stimulation (microneedling) upregulates the genes that increase hair regrowth and downregulate the genes that increase hair loss. The acute, short-term trauma caused by microneedling improves localized blood flow, and allows for enhanced penetration of topical products applied to the scalp.

Exosome Therapy for Hair Growth

Exosome therapy is a safe and effective way to restore hair follicles. It also helps to prevent hair loss or thinning hair. It is different from PRP as it contains higher concentrations of growth factors that are lab derived. This means it can take a while before the hair follicles reactivate.

For best results, we recommend combining therapy PRP or/and Exosome with microneedling.