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AVIVA by InMode

Minimally invasive treatment designed for feminine rejuvenation, utilizing radiofrequency energy to achieve cosmetic enhancement and functional improvements in the vaginal area.

Morpheus8 V

Advanced non-invasive treatment that uses fractional radiofrequency energy for vaginal rejuvenation, improving both the internal and external vaginal tissues.

FemTouch CO2

Non-invasive, laser-based treatment using CO2 laser technology to stimulate collagen production and improve vaginal health

V Tone

Non-surgical device designed for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, using electrical muscle stimulation to improve urinary incontinence and enhance intimate health

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our treatments effectively firm up stretched or lax vaginal tissues, which is a common issue following childbirth or as a natural result of aging. By doing so, it restores the vaginal structure closer to its pre-stretching state.
By tightening the vaginal canal, these procedures can heighten sexual sensations for both the woman and her partner during intercourse. This enhancement often leads to greater sexual pleasure and deeper emotional intimacy.
These treatments can fortify the vaginal walls and surrounding pelvic floor muscles. This strengthening is particularly effective in reducing stress urinary incontinence, a prevalent condition where physical activities like coughing, sneezing, or physical exertion result in involuntary urine leakage.
Internal rejuvenation procedures can either trigger increased natural lubrication or improve overall vaginal tissue health. This is especially beneficial in countering the discomfort or pain during sexual activities caused by vaginal dryness.
Particularly beneficial for post-menopausal women, these treatments can address atrophic vaginitis, which is characterized by the thinning, drying, and inflammation of vaginal walls due to a reduction in estrogen levels.
Certain rejuvenation techniques enhance overall vaginal health by improving blood circulation and tissue vitality. This can be particularly advantageous for the healing process of scars from childbirth interventions like episiotomies or C-sections.
Addressing and improving various vaginal health and functional issues often leads to a boost in self-confidence and overall psychological well-being. This aspect of treatment can be profoundly impactful, contributing to an improved quality of life.

Who is a candidate?

Women who have recently given birth and are experiencing changes such as vaginal laxity, discomfort, or altered sensation due to childbirth.
Those suffering from urinary incontinence, especially stress urinary incontinence, where physical activities cause unintended urine leakage.
Women experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort during intercourse, or other symptoms associated with menopause.
Those who are experiencing a loss of vaginal tightness or changes in vaginal anatomy as a result of natural aging.
Women facing decreased sexual satisfaction or discomfort during intercourse due to changes in the vaginal area.
Women who are looking to alter the aesthetic appearance of their vaginal area for personal reasons.
Individuals whose confidence, sexual relationships, or quality of life is affected by the condition or appearance of their vaginal area.
Especially in post-menopausal women, experiencing symptoms like thinning, drying, and inflammation of the vaginal walls.
Ideal candidates are those in generally good health, without conditions that could complicate treatment or recovery.

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Dr. Wissam Fayad

Dr. Fayad is dedicated to fostering confidence, beauty, and empowerment in everyone. He values a personalized approach, passionately transforming lives and celebrating each person’s inner and outer beauty. His work enhances individual strengths and uniqueness.
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Patient Reviews

Highly Recommended!
Hands down, best medial office in Arizona! Dr Wissam Fayad and his staff are professional, caring and extremely knowledgable. Dr Wissam took the time to discuss treatment with me and made sure all my questions were answered before . I could tell he truly cares about his patients health and well being, whereas many other doctors sadly don’t nowadays. The office is beautifully set up and makes you feel welcome the moment you enter. It is also equipped with advanced medial devices and technology. I was truly impressed from start of my visit to the end! I will be coming back and will be referring my friends and family! Thank you Via Health and Med Spa!
Highly Recommended!
Dr. Wissam was very thorough and meticulous during my visit with him. He’s a wonderful doctor and cares so much about his patients. I felt really comfortable and welcomed in his office. I strongly recommend him for everyone! I look forward to my next visit with him.
Highly Recommended!
Dr. Fayad proved to be a very thorough doctor and really meticulous about the tiny details when taking the history. He listened to my concerns very carefully and more importantly addressed every concern I had. Also, he took his time to explain the advantages and possible side effects of each treatment modality available that could fit my situation. Briefly speaking, he did not treat me as a number. His staff showed high level of experience and professionalism in addition to respect to their patients. Definitely recommended.
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